Dude! I went diving in Nusa Ceningan, Indonesia

The joy of living in Southeast Asia!

Sun, sea, sand and scuba is never far away, and we try to make the very most of that particular perk. Bali is just a hop, skip and a 2 hour flight away. We found ourselves there for a short trip recently, ready to get our feet wet and take advantage of our proximity to the coral triangle. 

Diving….I love it….you know that. I won’t bore you with story about how zen it makes me.    It looks a little something like this….


In fact, on this trip I did my first drift dive, and I was anything but zen. My mask would not stop fogging up, despite constant clearing. So mainly I got dragged sideways at speed, whilst not seeing a thing. A few firm tugs from our leader stopped me from being pulled into the deep blue, but I can say, it was not an enjoyable experience.

The next day saw another drift, but this time I was prepared. The mask had bathed in toothpaste overnight and was a dream. I felt like a pro, drifting and spinning mermaid-style, and actually seeing things!

Lesson learned – never skip the toothpaste!  Actually, side note, our dive masters had a natural soap nut spray for masks which worked an absolute storm, and has no negative effects on the coral – winning.

On this trip we stayed at Ceningan Resort, a PADI five star dive resort. I highly recommend the place. It’s pretty, tucked away, quiet and very focussed on diving. What is 5* diving I hear you ask? Well, not once did I load or unload any equipment from the boat, and my fins were very kindly secured to my feet once the tank was loaded. With my new, super fitting Mares Avanti X3 fins, I felt like Cinderella.

>>> Watch a video of my trip and see all the amazing creatures I came across <<<<<


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