Micro break: day trip to Tempat Senang Spa, Batam

“Welcome to mini Bali!” called our driver with a knowing smile. Looking around, I could see what he meant.

Tempat Senang Spa in Batam, Indonesia is nestled within trees, far enough down a private road to have forgotten Batam’s industrial buzz by the time you arrive. The batik-adorned staff greet you with a warm smile, before whisking you down pool-lined walkways.

Tempat Senang Spa
It’s easy to get lost here without a friendly guide

My husband and I were visiting the spa to celebrate 10 years together. After a busy and difficult few months, it felt like the perfect way to unwind. We started the pampering with a delicious lunch overlooking one of three pools. Their food is fresh and bursting with flavour.

From the spa menu, we each chose three hour-long treatments. All of our knots and tensions were worked away with a Balinese (me) and Indonesian (him) massage. Next, a body scrub left us thoroughly exfoliated from head to toe – very much needed when living in a sweaty tropical country!

Tempat Senang Spa
Thoroughly scrubbed and relaxed

My favourite treatment was a hair mask, done on an outdoor bed by the swimming pool. As a lovely breeze blew over me, I spent a blissful hour having a cooling peppermint mask massaged into my head and hair.

Thoroughly relaxed after three hours, we made a beeline for the shop. All of the products they use are made on site, natural and perfect for a tropical climate. They also all smell divine. Needless to say, I stocked up!

Tempat Senang Spa
The spa is decorated beautifully

The driver was right with ‘mini Bali’. It all ends the minute you leave the spa, but it sure is lovely while it lasts.

Being only 50 minutes by boat from Singapore, a Tempat Senang Spa is a perfect way to treat island-fever. Next time we’ll need to book one of their fabulous rooms, and repeat the pampering the next day.

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