I’m 11,000 km from home and feeling homesick

My first three months as an expat have passed in a blur of new experiences, places and faces. I honestly haven’t really stopped to think about missing home. There has, of course, been regular facetime’s with family and friends, and whilst I’ve loved catching up on their news, things have been exciting enough in Singapore to stop me missing home too much.

But last night marked the end of a three week visit from my parents and sister. And it hit me suprisingly hard, I’m a long way from home!  Keep on reading

Saying goodbye

With one week to go until we take our one-way trip to Singapore, the time has come to say goodbye to friends and family.

This has been more emotional than I expected. We have collected good friends from each different stage of our lives, and they are all wonderful people. They bring us laughter and a sense of absolute belonging. And now we are moving 7,000 miles away.  Keep on reading

Would we move to Singapore?

It’s October, and I’m sat in the autumnal garden of my parents’ home in rural Somerset, England. They are on holiday, and me and my husband are house sitting.

We’ve spent the week walking and wild camping in Dartmoor, paddling down rivers in our new inflatable canoe, and trying out all the local country pubs. Little do we know that our very British lifestyle is about to change dramatically. Keep on reading