Accidentally embracing minimalism: moving abroad

How good does it feel to have a really good clear out? Whether it’s going through the kitchen cupboards and throwing the out-of-date-by-decades tins and spices away. Or going through the closet and donating the clothes you ‘might wear one day’ to charity. It’s refreshing to not get that guilty feeling when you see unloved belongings lurking in the corners of your home.

I moved abroad a little over a month ago, and that, my blogging friends, taught me a very valuable lesson in minimalism.  Keep on reading

Saying goodbye

With one week to go until we take our one-way trip to Singapore, the time has come to say goodbye to friends and family.

This has been more emotional than I expected. We have collected good friends from each different stage of our lives, and they are all wonderful people. They bring us laughter and a sense of absolute belonging. And now we are moving 7,000 miles away.  Keep on reading