[Video] Diving & surviving Koh Tao, Thailand

Well, we certainly dived headfirst (pun intended) into 2018! Just weeks after our quick jaunt to Borneo, we jetted off to the small island of Koh Tao, Thailand to splash around nemo-style.

This was my first time in Thailand. The trip had one sole singular purpose – diving. I’m embarrassed to say that there was absolutely zero cultural exploration, other than eating my body weight in pad thai.

I had read some worrying reviews about Koh Tao being dubbed ‘death island’ after a spate of tourist deaths over the last few years, and some serious local mafia presence. Luckily, we remained blinkered to this, choosing to hang with the fun folk of Big Blue Diving.

Our dive group at Big Blue Diving

Needless to say, adorned with our neon goggles we had a super time diving. We did a spooky night dive, where we saw a barracuda on the hunt. It was atleast 1.5 metres, honest, though it looks smaller in the video. You can’t hear it in the footage, but as it disappears out of shot, we heard a loud *crunch* – dinner!

Take a gander at my video of the underwater fun (at the top of this post).

My one sad moment was climbing back on the boat after a dive, only to be asked by one group “did you see the whale shark”? Noooooo!!!

Other highlights included some rather spectacular sunsets.

Koh Tao sunset

Koh Tao sunset

Peace and love x

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